It is our aim to make your experience as simple as possible, however out service can only be as good as our clients allow it to be. As a general rule; we will no allow one client to cause us inconvinience to another. In the event of unforseen circumstances, you must communicate with our team immediately to allow us the best chance of a mutual solution. For the best results, the following guidelines are to be followed: 

Payment is to be received prior to, or on delivery of a skip bin. No Payment = No Delivery

Payment Options: - Cash (paid to driver on delivery) - Card (charged over the phone, prior to delivery) - Direct Deposit 

Please ensure you are contactable on the phone number you provide. Your driver will attempt to contact you roughly half an hour prior to your delivery, in which you will need to be present for.  

If we are unable to contact you, we may skip your order on the list until later in the day we may also contact you to communicate any issues about your bin on removal. Being able to communicate with you regarding issues will greatly improve the odds of a positive outcome. 

Skip Bins are to be filled to water level only for transport safety and compliance. If a bin is deemed inappropriate for transport, rubbish may be removed and left behind. we may also leave the bin onsite for you to rectify the issue, which may also incur extra costs payable prior to removal.  

We DO NOT accept the following materials: - Tyres - Asbestos - Liquids - Toxics 

Asbestos in particular is a big problem as it is hard to identify. If you are in doubt, leave it aside until you can speak to us. 

Prohibited materials that are spotted in bins will be left behind to save costs. 

Prohibited materials that are not spotted until rubbish is disposed at a transfer station will incur clean-up costs to the customer. these costs are immediately payable. Non-payment may result in your rubbish being returned in its entirety with no refunds issued. 

Mattresses are surcharged, but we do take them. Please check with a team member for costs in your area. 

Simply fill your bin to level full, and place the mattress on top. Always ensure you communicate with your driver if you have any mattresses you are disposing off. 

Dirt/Concrete/Bricks/Rubble (defined as "Clean Rubble") is to be kept separate from general mixed rubbish. 

All of our general waste bins have weight allowances that are realistic based on the bin size/price. Mixing clean rubble in a general waste bin is guaranteed to incur massive excess tonnage costs. Excess tonnage incurs costs of up to $215 per ton in excess

If you have a large quantity of clean rubble to dispose of, talk to a team member about an additional bin being provided for this use. 

Whilst we avoid it at all costs; in extreme scenarios of non-compliance or non-communication we reserve the right to remove our bin, but leave your rubbish behind. please not that in these scenarios, refunds on services already provided are not guaranteed.